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[...]so i didn't know what to say when martin asked me if i really wanted to die. the obvious answer was, yes, yes, of course i do, you fool, that's why i've climbed all these stairs, that's why i've been telling a boy- dear god, a man- who can't hear me all about a new year's eve party that i'd made up.
but there's another answer, too, isn't there? and the other answer is, no, of course i don't, you fool. please stop me. please help me. please make me into the kind of person who wants to live, the kind of person who has a bit missing, maybe. the kind of person who should be able to say, i am entitled to something more than this. not much more; just something that would have been enough, instead of not quite enough. because that's why i was up there- there wasn't quite enough to stop me....

[aus: nick hornby - a long way down]
25.5.07 23:27

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